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November 14 2015

June 10 2015

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“22 veterans commit suicide a day. That’s 22 too many.”

I saw some things on deployment that 99% of people in this country would never see.  I came home, but I didn’t feel “home”.  My attitude changed.  My life wasn’t the same.  I would have random bursts of anger and depression for no reason.  It ruined a relationship that was once great.  She didn’t understand and wouldn’t attempt to ask what was wrong with me. 

Nobody did.

I drink everyday. I feel alone.  I need help.

Please reblog this to create awareness that 22+ veterans committing suicide each day is unacceptable.




if you think i m cool im going to tell you a thing

today i was coming back from the laundry room and i had a problem with the washing machine so my laundry basket was DRIPPING WATER so i walked in the elevator with my basket, wearing sweatpants and flipflops ( they re neon pink with neon yellow straps), the worst bedhead u ve ever seen; and this girl with haikyuu buttons on her backpack walks in the elevator so i just shifted a bit so i was standing with a shoulder leaning on the wall, a hand in my pocket and that s how i delivered that sentence ‘ i like your buttons ‘ with a grin . and my neon flipslops. wearing sweatpants. with my dripping basket. 

she gave me the most WEIRDED OUT LOOK and the smallest ‘ thanks…. ‘, looking at my fucking laundry basket which was making puddles on the floor and i regret saying this i didnt mean to be creepy i m just super lame

reminder that im lame af


i’m so sorry teal i still don’t know why i did this because you’re like kuroo to me

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Forever reblogging this.

And the fact that there’s more than one company means several people called makes it even better.

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Last week, I learned that the English language has more euphemisms for death than any other language. I learned that the ancient Greeks had no word for the colour blue and that the Hawain alphabet has only twelve letters. I spent last week hollowing out a little place in my heart and filling it with worry. What does that say about us? Do we really go out of our way to avoid death like that? How did the Greeks describe the sea? Are twelve letters really enough? Does every language have a word for love? Every language should have a word for love. And compassion. And gentleness. And figs and snow and that soft sensitive part on the inside of one’s arm. We should have words for everything so that we don’t feel alone. We need very very very specific words for all of the different kinds of sad and even more specific words for the kinds of happy. What if we were able to talk about everything? I want to tell you how I feel and I want to be precise. Sometimes ‘good’ just isn’t enough and few understand what I mean when I say that I feel ’like lightning.’

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oh, so now the talking bee is going to preach to us

“So, the news last week was filled with Caitlyn Jenner. She was everywhere!! …not sure why you’re clapping, but I’ll accept that. So I’m being bombarded by images of her photoshoot, how she first decided she was a woman, blah blah blah blah blah. But not a single mention of what’s going on between her legs! Not one! Is no one else curious?? I know I am!!  …oh boo yourself!”

“Who here heard about the Ferguson protests? Show of hands. Isn’t it funny how often protests become a pretense for looting? …now hold on, hold on, here me out. All I’m saying is I’d like to have the same excuse in my daily life. ‘Oh no officer, I’m not stealing. I’m protesting! The price on this television is way too high, and I’m protesting that by taking it home!’ …oh come on! Really? Seriously? Fine, fine. You know what? I’m done. I guess we’d all rather be politically correct than funny.”

He misses the good ole days where a comedian could just

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Here is Taylor Swift on stage because… she’s on tour and pictures pop up and she often wears thinks that sparkle and lord knows I can’t seem to resist that.  But that is why she is here.  That’s enough about that, I just found out my tumblr buddy wildflagsure just found out her cat died.  Which is terrible and horrible so if you are reading this why don’t you send her your condolences or a joke or anything.  Empty platitudes won’t do much but maybe what you say will help a little bit.  I am going to just go out on a limb and say Taylor Swift would want you to.  She does like cats.  And she seems quite kind.  Today I want to fuck Taylor Swift.

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Can we have movies about her backstories?

I think Phoebe was one of the test runs for the Black Widow.

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I love how the teacher is Ugandan himself and not some white missionary going to Uganda to spread their beliefs and bullshit

Look at his face light up, thas wassup man.

This makes my heart melt

I’m crying this is so beautiful. God bless you Raymond for doing this. And 80 year old woman came to learn!!!!

Here’s a link to the full video for 10 weeks after he started learning

My heart can’t take it. So amazing.
(watch the 10 weeks after video)



astronomy club sent up a weather balloon w a gopro in it last friday. put in three packs of fruit snacks so they could have a giggle over eating fruit snacks that had been to space.

balloon went up into inner space, about 90,000 feet. came down right near the dinosaur park. a few physics teachers drive out to get it, crack it open on the way home to start watching the footage.

fruit snacks are missing.

multiple sources confirm that fruit snacks were put in balloon and sealed in with duct tape. physics teachers check entire balloon. no fruit snacks.

physics teachers watch footage. all 7 hours of it. right in the middle of footage, there are about 8 minutes of visual and audio static when balloon is in orbit. no other interference with balloon recorded.

conclusions: ???????

aliens stole yo fruit snacks

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Samantha, she/her. I just started transitioning, and this is my second TST!

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David Bowie photographed by Michel Haddi for Interview magazine, May 1993

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I feel pretty today. ☺️

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intosnarkness is that special kind of shit-disturber that sends me text messages while I am at work to say things like ‘ok but what if Clint with freckles?’

GOD do people not know that I am WEAK


“quit putting me on instagram, girly-girl”

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#god bless america

this post is perfect from start to finish




“nothings better than sex” 

have u ever played a game at 60fps

Have you ever had satisfying sex?

Have you ever played a game at flawless 60fps without framerate stutter

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